Rural Residential Subdivision at Nannup

The Valley at Nannup is a 21 lot “Rural Residential” subdivision on the southern outskirts of the picturesque Nannup Townsite. Halsall and Associates were engaged by the owners to seek rezoning and subdivision to maximise rural residential opportunities as identified under relevant Policy without impacting on the rural scene that would be afforded to the dwelling future sites.

Halsall and Associates embarked on the preparation of a Scheme Amendment and detailed subdivision design and achieved relevant approvals well within allocated timeframes. The subdivision was then “project managed” to its conclusion and is one of the best examples of available rural residential land in the Nannup Area.

Challenges for this proposal:

  • Achieving 1-2 hectare lots without reticulated water supply, reduced setbacks to the State Forest, detailed landscape plans and successful negotiations with several Government Agencies.